Thursday, 30 December 2010

Lola's Cupcakes

 First time I saw Top Shop is selling cupcakes. I didn't try any of it during my first visit to this shop but the shining cupcakes are so unforgettable. I kept thinking of it. Recently I went there again, and this time I tried 2 type of their flavour. I didn't get any shinning cupcake and the end. It's because I was there before their closing, so not much of choices left.

The packing 

Chocolate milk - chocolate cupcake with pure vanilla bean icing and chocolate pieces

Rocky road - marble vanilla & chocolate cake smothered with marshmallows, nuts and milk chocolate buttons

The chocolate cupcake is slightly bitter and it goes well with the vanilla icing. It's a perfect match! 

The marshmallows gave a special texture to the cupcake. You can feel the softness of the cake, the sponginess of the marshmallow and the crunchiness of the chocolate button.  It's fun to eat it!

Lola's cupcakes are beautiful and delicious. It's really different from the cupcakes I tried before.

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